Our team consists of experienced, approachable and successful real estate agents, consultants, lawyers, photographers, architects and interior designers, so that the whole process is completed at all levels. Our agents are relentless advocates for our clients, and our team is industry-leading — they have access to the best and most reliable information and education, enabling them to provide expert advice at every stage.

Tijana Vukanović

Director and real estate agent

Number in the broker's register 1203

Tijana Vukanović brings her clients a unique perspective and is passionate about providing high quality services and informed leadership at every touchpoint. She has built a strong network of clients based on the references and recommendations of business managers, former colleagues and friends.

“I have built my love for real estate, passion, dedication, honesty into many years of sales experience, and I am building partnerships based on that. My approach is professional and dedicated with an individual approach to each individual client. Buying or selling real estate, whether it is a private or business space, is a very personal and significant experience, and very often an emotional process. With that in mind, with my professionalism and many years of experience, I will influence everything to pass with as much enjoyment as possible. I am here for you whether you are buying or selling a property, or want investment advice. I will be happy to help you find what you want.”

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